Top Golf Movies

The snow has once again blanked Northern Indiana, making us realize that winter is still very much upon us. As much as we’d like to hit the links, practice our swing and even sport our golf skorts, the likelihood of that is still a few months off. So, what can we do to get a sufficient golf fix when the temps are below freezing? That’s easy. Make a cup of hot cocoa, grab a blanket and fire up the DVD player.

We came across an article the Southland Golf Magazine posted a while back, listing their top 10 golf movies of all time. The list includes Tin Cup, Caddyshack, Happy Gilmore, The Legend of Bagger Vance and more. To read the complete list and full details, click here.

So, all you lady golfers out there, won’t you join us in choosing your favorite golf movie, kicking up your feet and relaxing in front of the television on this cold winter afternoon? Be sure to let us know what movies are at the top of your list.

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