Select Black, Dark Blue or Eggplant Skortswear to enjoy the magical slimming powers associated with these "power" colors.

Why are Black, Eggplant and Dark Blue are complimentary to a create the perception of a slimmer figure?

It's because light is absorbed, instead of reflected, when wearing Black or Eggplant Skortswear.  Selecting these colors helps to eliminate shadows and reflections, especially where your body curves during movement.  In addition, selection of Black, Dark Blue and Eggplant individually, or in combinations, does an excellent job of creating the perception of a sleek form. Eggplant and Dark Blue are especially versatile as a slimming colors, and are also a great color to pair with black.  This is because both colors are dark enough that when paired with black, contrast is eliminated. and a slimmer vertical viewing profile results.

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