Golo Dolo Golf Debut by Dolores White

Well, the US Women’s Open qualifier didn’t exactly go as planned. I still love my new Cobra irons, but I don’t quite have the ideal feel with them yet. Judging my distance was tough. The good news is that I have a few weeks to get comfortable with my new clubs and to focus hard on my game before my pro debut.


My first event is the Duramed Futures Tour in Hammond, Indiana. I will be traveling with a gentleman that has supported me over the years and is familiar with the Futures Tour. I am very lucky to have someone to show me the ropes. Until then I will be working hard with my swing instructor in Florida and devoting a lot of my time into my short game.

My family and I are also focusing on fund raising for travel expenses and entry fees. We started by creating a fan page on Facebook to keep people updated on my success and my golf goals. We are currently planning a wine tasting meet-and-greet with people that have supported me in the past and those that may be interested in supporting me in the future. The event is to take place next week in Florida.

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Dolores White, a recent Wake Forest University Women’s Golf Team graduate, hits the road for a summer filled with golf tournaments. But this year it will be different. She is now a professional. Dolores is keeping us posted on the ins and outs of being a young professional golfer.

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