Summer Crush Photo Shoot

When you have sand, surf, sun, and beautiful girls what else do you need to show off a summer collection of the finest golf apparel? It wasn’t hard for the team at Wear to Win.  We collected a scrapbook of warm memories on the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan in the small seaside town of New Buffalo, Michigan.

The excitement and anticipation of a long awaited summer was on our side and our models Hailee and Mia couldn’t have been better. Sporting our new Annie skorts in bright colors along with a sleek sophisticated white and kakhi  of the same design, these skorts were complimented by the beauty and splendor of a beach house fit for comfort, style, quality in a class all it’s own. Standards we continue to pride ourselves upon at Wear to Win. Our classic ¾ length shirts were perfect for the cool breeze.  And of course no one was permitted with shoes at this photo shoot!

We hope you find yourself a little relaxed and ready for your summer as you glance at our “Scrapbook of  Summer Crush 2011” from Wear to Win. Let’s make this season of sport and play competitive yet relaxed if we can, and put some real meaning to what we know summer is all about……bare feet when you can ladies!

Play well this summer!

Nancy Letizia – Marketing





Get Motivated!

52.1244606400.rudyLast week I attended the Get Motivated! seminar in Raleigh, NC.  Aside from the cheesy motivational music, fireworks, and Disney World prize dance-offs, the speakers were great.  Some of my favs were Rudy Guiliani, Lou Holtz, Krish Dhanam, Colin Powell, and Steve Forbes.

Some quotes I jotted down:

“Don’t look at what you have lost but what you have left” – Dr. Robert Schuller

“Know where you are going and you will have a better chance of getting there” – Rudy Guiliani

“Be there for others when things go wrong” – Rudy Guiliani

“The Edge: where you think your limit is and where you limit actually is” – Krish Dhanam

“Political correctness will be the death of this nation” – Krish Dhanam

“You cannot have hope without gratitude of your heart” – Krish Dhanam

“Your comfort zone is the enemy of success” – Brian Tracy

“Education begins in the home. It doesn’t matter where you start.  What matters is having perseverance, passion, high standards, and hard work” – Colin Powell

“Everyone needs: Something to love, something to do, something to believe in, and something to hope for” – Lou Holtz

“Everything starts with a dream” – Lou Holtz

Living the Dream

I grew up playing junior and high school golf with Jillian Speece.  For years Jillian has been performing in front of audiences- little did I know she used to have stage fright!   Jillian attended IUPFW and graduated with a double major in Media and Public Communication and Interpersonal Relationship Communication (and while playing on the varsity golf team! phew!).  This past year Jillian and her long-time boyfriend and fellow performer, Nathan (who also played division I golf), teamed up to create the band The Bergamot.  And now as a college-grad, Jillian and The Bergamot’s are hitting the road for a national tour! As a lead singer about to go on tour, I asked Jillian how playing golf and pursuing her dream of singing have had an impact on each other...

WTW: What got you interested in playing golf?

Jillian: At a young age (3) my father encouraged me to play golf. He loved the sport  and saw it as a fun activity that my family could do together.  My mother and father both saw golf as an opportunity for me to learn many life lessons, and they saw the potential it had to impact my education (via college scholarship).

nate_jillian_75_tnmr_yizx-1WTW: You could have focused 100% on your music in high school and college but played on both your high school and collegiate golf team (which can be quite time consuming!)- what made you stick with playing golf?

Jillian: I stuck with golf because I saw the potential opportunities it offered me. I loved playing golf for many reasons. It kept me focused, disciplined, physically fit, organized, it offered me socialization, it gave me quality time with loved ones, and it offered me both competition and opportunities to excel in my educational goals. Because, I continued playing golf I reaped the reward of landing a full ride to play division one collegiate golf and from that I earned a wonderful education.

WTW: What skills did you develop playing golf that have helped you in your singing career?

Jillian: Geez, the life skills I have developed through the game have been life altering in more than one way. Through the game I learned what it meant to be a person of character and how to hold a positive attitude . Both are  indispensable assets that work and help me be a successful musician. Additionally, I learned how to socialize and network. I can not tell you how often those skills come into play in the music industry. With persistence, talent, and good communication skills you can make it happen!

WTW: You are certainly following your dreams!  What words of advice do you have for girls following theirs?

Jillian: I would start by sharing that life may not always give you a good hand or seem fair, especially when pursuing your dreams. So make sure when you follow your dreams that along the way you are having fun. When pursuing your dreams be true to yourself and your creator. Be sure to recognize when you are pursuing your dreams it is very important to have a yearning passion to help others through your talents and deep down in the pit of your soul make sure you are following your dreams because you have that yearning passion to help others, not a sole passion to  fill up your bank account.
Never, lose faith in yourself or humanity. Be patient, continue to try, continue to be better,learn from your mistakes. Did you know that it took inventor Thomas Edison 1,000 unsuccessful attempts at inventing the light bulb. When a reporter asked, “How did it feel to fail 1,000 times?” Edison replied, “I didn’t fail 1,000 times. The light bulb was an invention with 1,000 steps.”  I love this quote because it displays how important determination is. Imagine if Edison would have stopped at 999, we probably would not have lights today. In conclusion, be strong, flow your heart, and give your talents to the world in hopes that you can inspire others to live life in a more profound way. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Follow your dreams to make the world a better place, and everything will be OK. :)

You can follow The Bergamot’s on their website and be sure the check out their songs on iTunes.

The Race Is Close

This week marks the final tournament of the 2010 Duramed Futures Tour season. The top 5 money winners will be awarded full LPGA Tour memberships.  The top 6-10 players will be awarded a partial exemption on the LPGA Tour.  The race is close! Here is a list of the top ten players:

1. Cindy LaCrosse of Tampa, Fla., $77,778

2. Christine Song of Fullerton, Calif., $62,164

3. Gerina Mendoza of Roswell, N.M., $52,621

4. Jennifer Song of Ann Arbor, Mich., $51,375

5. Jenny Shin of Torrance, Calif., $49,296

6. Angela Oh of Maple Shade, N.J., $45,766

7. Tiffany Joh of San Diego, $40,484

8. Ryann O’Toole of San Clemente, Calif., $38,451

9. Pornanong Phatlum of Chaiyaphum, Thailand, $38,185

10. Jane Rah of Torrance, Calif., $37,329

Click Here to follow the players live in Albany, New York!

Jennifer Song: an Inspiration To Us All

Twenty-year-old Jennifer Song is not only a competitor on the Duramed Futures Tour, but is an inspiration to us all.  Jennifer has committed to donate 30% of her winnings to charities in Korea- as if competing for a paycheck isn’t tough enough on the tour!  Jennifer is certainly a class-act golfer with a big heart; we wish her the best of luck!

Read more about Jennifer Song at

Live on Ladies Links Fore Golf Radio

Last week we chatted with Debbie O’Connell and her team on the Ladies Links Fore Golf Radio Show.  This was our first live radio show interview- it was definitely different than being interviewed on camera!  We had a blast!  Wear to Win is about 20 minutes into the show, enjoy!

Rookie Year on the Tour

Right after the tournament in Indiana, I headed straight to my next Duramed Futures Tour golf tournament in Kentucky. I flew into Nashville so my friend Eric (who caddied for me in the US Open qualifier) could pick me up. We then drove late at night to London, Kentucky–welcome to life of a professional golfer!

Monday we went to the course and got a practice round in. Eric and I strategized about what I planned to do on each hole. Tuesday I was back on my own and played a practice round with my friends Heather and Jackie. Wednesday I used as a practice day; I spent a lot of time on the range and getting a feel for the green which was important as they were a lot slower than the ones in Indiana. Thursday I played another practice round just to stay familiar and get more comfortable with the course.

Pro golfer Dolores White sporting Wear to Win golfwear

Pro golfer Dolores White sporting Wear to Win golfwear!

The first round was Friday and I had the last tee time: 2:45. I had a lot of time to kill but at least I could sleep in. I was able to have a nice breakfast with my family and get a good warm up in before I teed off. I shot 70 the opening round and felt very comfortable on the course–the best part was that I felt like I still left a few putts out there.

The second day was another late tee time, so I went through the same routine. I hit the ball the best I ever have and only missed one green. I finished with a 69 and was headed into the final round tied for 14th. I was excited to make my first cut, but I was more focused on the fact that I had the opportunity to make a top ten finish. I thought the hard part was over (making the cut), but I was wrong.

For the final round, I was surprised to find myself very nervous on the tee box (and it only got worse when they decided to give a little more elaborate introduction). I got off to a rough start and made the turn with a 40 on the front nine. Once I was able to calm my nerves, I turned things around and shot a 33 on the back nine to finish with a 73. I lost my position in the field and finished in a tie for 28th. But I was still very proud of myself. Plus, I made my first check!

Even when I was struggling the last day, I loved every minute of it. I am heading home for a week off then I’m on the road again for five weeks. I’m so happy to be doing what I love.

Dolores White, a recent Wake Forest University Women’s Golf Team graduate, hits the road for a summer filled with golf tournaments. But this year it will be different. She is now a professional. Dolores is keeping us posted on the ins and outs of being a young professional golfer.

Lowest Junior Sporting Wear to Win


Anna Kim sports Wear to Win during the WWGA National Junior Championship.

We have had a blast here at the WWGA’s 84th National Junior Championship at Knollwood Country Club in Granger, Ind. Practically located in our backyard, we’ve been hanging out with the girls and watching them play. We’ve met some great people, and have outfitted girls with lots of skorts, tops and belts. Our apparel can be spotted all over the course!

We’d like to extend a special congratulations to Anna Kim for being the lowest junior. She won stroke play with a 143. Go to the South Bend Tribune for the complete story (and notice her Wear to Win zip top in black!). With aspirations of turning pro, this 16-year-old is well on her way.

Final round of match play is today.  Be sure to follow the golfers at

My First Professional Golf Tournament

At the Duramed Futures Tour in Hammond, Indiana:


What a week! Monday night I flew into Chicago with David Braykovich of MAVRIK Golf.  David was there for my first professional tournament experience and also caddied for me.  Tuesday I spent the day at the course practicing, trying to get a feel for the greens by practicing a lot of chipping out of the northern rough (I’m from Florida where we have Bermuda grass).

I also got to spend some time with my former high school teammate Heather Burgner and her college teammate Jackie Barenborg. They were kind enough to give me a few rides; we practiced and ate lunch together. Wednesday we were only able to get a few holes in before a storm hit.  Due to a pro-am in the afternoon, all we could do was practice once the weather cleared up, but luckily Thursday we were able to play the full 18.

I felt really good going into the first round on Friday. I played well minus one bad swing and a couple small mental mistakes.  I shot 75.  After the round I felt like I had made myself proud; I didn’t let the nerves get to me and competed well in my first round as pro. It was scary, frustrating and so thrilling all at the same time. The next day I knew I needed to play well to make the cut. I came out to the course with a little more determination than the day before. I finished with a 73 and missed the cut by only one.

While it was easy to be disappointed, I was still proud. I had no difficulty adapting to the competition, and I have great confidence going into this week for the next tournament in Kentucky.

Dolores White, a recent Wake Forest University Women’s Golf Team graduate, hits the road for a summer filled with golf tournaments. But this year it will be different. She is now a professional. Dolores is keeping us posted on the ins and outs of being a young professional golfer.