Outsmart the Sun

Summer is here…along with the heat and uncompromising sun. Since golf requires you to spend lots of time outdoors, it’s important to properly prepare yourself. Here are some tips to help you have fun, beat the heat and keep cool despite the blazing summer heat.

  1. Remember your sun block! Apply it before you head to the course and reapply it every couple of hours.
  2. Dress as cool as possible. Whites, yellows, oranges, blues and greens can reflect the sun to help keep you cool. Be sure to avoid dark colors that absorb heat. Try a sleeveless top, so you can stay cool and look good at the same time!
  3. Eat something before and during your round. Your body needs to stay nourished so you have the strength to enjoy your day. Pack a portable snack such as fruit or a granola bar, and tuck it in your bag.
  4. Pack your bag lightly. The lighter your golf bag is, the less stress there will be on your body. Take out unnecessary things like too many golf balls, tees and even head covers that might weigh down your bag.
  5. Bring a towel soaked in cold water with you to put around the back of your neck. It will help keep you cool, especially if you re-soak the towel when you see coolers of ice water on the course.
  6. DRINK WATER. Your body needs to stay hydrated to avoid heat-related illnesses. So drink plenty of water, even if you don’t feel thirsty.

Have fun out there and try to stay cool! Do you have your own way of outsmarting the summer sun? Share the tip and leave a comment below.

Q&A: Rain Delays

Have questions you’re dying to get answered, but were too afraid to ask the veteran players? Don’t sweat it. Here is a basic, but important question that every beginner (and beyond) has pondered at some point.

iStock_000004061984XSmallQ: What am I supposed to do during a rain delay?

A: Unfortunately Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate with our golf outings. The best thing to do when the clouds open and the rain pours down is to find things to focus on and keep your nerves in check. Rain delays are great times to make friends or deepen relationships you already have. So spend some time chatting. Or, if you’ve packed a deck of cards, round up a few girls and start up a game. A round of Euchre or Go Fish can ease the anxiety and provide a few laughs during the delay. If you’re more of the quiet type, bring a book that you can read while waiting. As the rain shows signs of lessening, give yourself time to mentally and physically prepare for hitting the course. Take a few breaths, stretch a bit and focus on the fairways ahead.

Have another question…or three? Let us know what they are and we’ll get you an answer. Also, be sure to visit our Q&A page for a few more helpful tips.

Don’t Blow It

Here is another tip courtesy of PGA Master Professional Jerry Tucker. This Tucker tip: how to work with the wind.

Wind_croppedHow much does the wind affect the flight (and roll) of a golf ball? Obviously, how far and how high you hit your shots will help determine that answer, but the pro’s do have a general rule of thumb. To “let the wind be your friend,” simply add or subtract one yard for every mile per hour the wind is helping or hurting you. For example, if you are 150 yards from the flag with a 20 mph headwind, your effective yardage is 170 yards.

Also, notice how the wind affects the ball after it lands on the green. Landing on a fairly firm green, my average 7-iron shot would only roll about five feet against the wind, but 40-50 feet downwind, a difference of 12-15 yards!

Sparkle for the Course

Who says golf attire should be boring? Certainly not us! Gone are the days of plain khaki shorts, ill-fitting collared shirts and masculine shoes. Instead, we propose adding a bit of sparkle to your outfit while playing a round of golf…or hanging out around town.

If you want to add a bit of style to your golf ensemble, take a look at our two-sided slider belt that features a 2-inch round nickel and rhinestone buckle. The belts can be worn with a colored or shiny fabric side out, and are available in six fabrics to match our Sandie skort colors (Lip-in Lime excluded). The black belt pictured  here has black-and-white houndstooth fabric on the opposite side.

So next time you hit the course, do it with some added style. Who knows; the confidence boost from looking your best might just help improve your game, too.