2010: A Year of Possibility

ReflectGolferCropAlas, it is time to say goodbye to 2009 and look ahead to 2010. What will the year hold? Have you set any resolutions? With a little reflection, focus and goal setting, the year ahead could be a time of vast improvement for your golf game and life in general. Follow these few steps to start your year right and you might just surprise yourself.

Ask yourself what worked for you in 2009 and what didn’t. Was your short game lacking? Need a bit more umph on your drives? Feel confident about your ability to read the greens?

Focus. Take a good look at what changes you want to make and be specific. Don’t just aim to be a better golfer. Focus on the things that can help you achieve that (longer drives, better putting, etc.) and set a date for when you will accomplish it.

Write it down. Put your goal in writing, whether in a journal, on your iPhone or even a mirror so you can be constantly reminded of what you intend to do.

Tell someone. Accountability will help keep you focused, on the right path and motivated come March. Tell your friends, golf coach, teammates and/or parents, and ask them to encourage you to reach your goal.

Get to work. You have thought about it and told people, but now it’s time to actually get to work. Practice hard. If you feel yourself losing steam at any point (which is bound to happen), get creative and explore new ways to get there. For instance want to add distance to your drives but tired of hitting endless balls at the range? Then hit the gym for some strength training for a change of scenery.

Enjoy the journey. Don’t wait for the final result to celebrate your progress. If you hope to clear a sand trap after the first try and not the seventh, have a mini-celebration when it happens on just five tries.

Be proud. And when you finally get there, don’t hold back. Be proud of the work you’ve done and the time you’ve spent getting there. Then it’s time to start all over again with some reflection, focus and an entirely new goal to take you to yet another level of accomplishment.

For even more helpful tips, check out this article from Real Simple. In the meantime, tell us your thoughts on New Year’s resolutions. What golf/life goals do you have for 2010?

Golfers are Athletes!

Golf tournaments have become super competitive. To join the winner’s circle you now have to really consider all aspects of the game. Your endurance and strength can make a difference between finishing in the top 20 or the top 5. Remember the (annual) rain delays at the Optimist International at PGA National? So often, we had to play 28+ holes in a day to make up for lost time. So how do you stay on top in a tournament like that when you are tired and dragging after 18 holes?

AJGA in Mexico

AJGA in Mexico

In addition to doing short game drills and honing the swing, fitness has become a high priority for golfers. I first saw this focus on training at the Genuity PGA Championship tournament at Doral Golf Club in Miami. As a young junior, I got to watch the professionals during the practice days before the tournament. After their rounds, the gym at the Doral was packed with players. I remember watching with interest as Vijay Singh dripped with sweat, while throwing a medicine ball with his caddie outside the pro-shop.

Top LPGA players, and those striving to make it, take their fitness training in the weight room very seriously. In a USA Today feature of the 10 toughest athletes, Annika Sorenstam was ranked #7 (she can do 15 pull ups!).  Look at the role fitness plays in elite golf. Every collegiate team I know of has a year-round strength coach. Teams are becoming stronger, gaining endurance and developing more stamina for the rounds. We golfers are athletes! To those who beg to differ, try carrying a 25+ pound bag for 18, 27 or 36 holes!

So if you are a budding golfer or an experienced one, try a focus on fitness to improve your game. We will keep you posted on our favorite golf workout routines.  Are you already a golfer athlete? What exercises have helped improve your game?

Season’s Greetings

WTWcard‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the course
Not a creature was stirring, not even remorse

For the drive that went left or the putt that went right
Or the chip that didn’t have quite enough might.

For the clubs were all cleaned and tucked in their bags
And the wind whipped the greens and fluttered the flags.

With the golfers all nestled in bed without care,
For the tournaments ahead and what they would wear,

Beneath the tree lay, all wrapped up in a bow,
The perfect golfwear that has pretty flow.

With moisture-wicking fabric and beautiful style,
This Wear to Win skort will bring quite a smile

To the face of the golfer who will be ready to swing
When the snow has all melted and it’s once again spring.

Swingin’ Stockings

With Christmas a week away, it’s time to finish up your holiday shopping. Don’t forget about the stockings that are hung by the chimney with care. Here are a few stuffer ideas that are sure to please the lady golfer on your list:WTW_Belts_1

  • Polarized sunglasses—such as Ray-Ban, Oakley, Maui Jim or the like—to help your golfer protect her eyes, while looking ever-so stylish.
  • Neutrogena sunscreen with Helioplex® for the ultimate skin protection against UVA and UVB rays.
  • Exploding golf balls because who doesn’t want to feel like Wonder Woman?
  • C.O. Bigelo® Mentha Lip Shine (found at Bath & Body Works)—with a high-gloss shine, penetrating moisturizer and yummy minty flavor, this lip gloss will soothe chapped lips due to wind and sun. Plus, it looks great. And did we mention how yummy it is?
  • Burt’s Bees hand moisturizer to soothe away calluses after a long round of golf.
  • iTunes gift card so your golfer can fill her mp3 player full of the tunes that will get her pumped and focused on the 18 holes that lie ahead.
  • Rhinestone slider belt—last, but not least, add a Wear to Win original belt to your girl’s stocking and she will surely be pleased. With two-sided fabric and a sparkly rhinestone circle slider buckle, this belt can be worn on and off the course. Order yours today and take advantage of our free FedEx delivery. At checkout, don’t forget to use the code SwinginHoliday to receive a 10% discount.

Seeing that list gets us excited about our own stockings. What will we find? What do you hope to find in yours?

Golf Etiquette: On the Green


Golf is unlike any other sport. We don’t have referees making sure we follow the rules or teammates cheering while we sink a putt. Although golf seems very individual, you’re usually not the only one on the green.

Here are seven tips every polished golfer (and those who fake it) should know:

1.  Ever had a putt lip out because of another player’s spike marks? Be sure not walk in another player’s putting line.

2.  Always be sure to repair your ball mark (it takes over 20 days for an unrepaired ball mark to repair itself!).  Here’s the proper way to fix ‘em.

3.  First person to make her putt should replace the flagstick when everyone has holed out.

4.  Offer to tend the flagstick for anyone who may not be able to see the hole.  Be especially courteous by holding the flag down so it doesn’t rattle in the wind, and ask the putter which side of the hole she would like you to stand on.  Make sure you pull the flagstick out before the ball gets to the hole!

5.  Be aware of your shadow, it could be in someone else’s putting line.

6.  When removing the flagstick make sure it is out of everyone’s way.  It’s a two stroke penalty if you are on the green and your ball hits the flagstick.

7.  Put your bag/cart on the side of the green nearest to the next tee box.  Anyone who has waited in the fairway for a group on the green to move off can relate!

Following these simple tips will improve your confidence on the course and ensure you’ll never be stuck in a onesome again.

Sneak Peek: The New Nora Skort


Just in time for the holidays, we have a great addition to our skorts line up: the Nora. In fact, the Nora is so new that we just added it to our website this week! Here is a sneak peek just for you.

This super-cute skort comes in a brown and pink or brown and aqua plaid fabric (think school-girl meets lady golfer). Of course it features all the usual Wear to Win design elements: flattering cut, moisture-wicking materials and handy pockets. It is available in sizes 0 to 16.

So tell us what you think. Will this be on your Christmas list?

Welcome to the Wear to Win™ Clubhouse

The Clubhouse: The place to share your thoughts and advice on golf…and life.

We have designed a line of flattering golf clothing to help you look and feel great on and off the course. And now we introduce the Wear to Win Clubhouse—a place for you to gather with well-versed and would-be golfers alike. Let’s talk fashion, training, tips, overcoming challenges and being better at what you do.

Though we golfing girls are located all around the world, the Clubhouse is the place to gather, share ideas and encourage each other. So welcome. We hope you decide to join in the discussion.

Check in often, we’ll be posting.

Laura and Cindy

On in the Off-Season

golf-ball-in-frostSummer is well behind us and winter is just a few short weeks away. For those of us in the northern part of the country, that means no hitting the links for a while. But, does that mean we should completely forget about golf for a few months? Definitely not. Here are a few tips to keep you in the game even when it’s snowing:

Look ahead. Use the off-season as a chance to set goals for next year. Want to shave a few strokes off your average? How about improving that short game? Put down in writing a few things that you can do. The goals can be short term such as getting your putting average down and hitting more fairways, to long term like qualifying for a certain tournament. Setting goals helps achieve those improvements to make the upcoming season your best ever.

Hit the gym. Strength training might not be high on most golfers’ priority lists, but pumping some iron can add distance to your shots come spring. Look for local fitness classes you can participate in. The combination of stretching, cardio, and weight training will certainly add distance to your game, and walking 18 in the sun and with a bag will not be a sweat.

Drive inside. Just because the outside temperatures may be below zero, doesn’t mean opportunities to practice your swing don’t exist. Find a local indoor driving range to work on your shot consistency. Also consider doing slow swings while looking in the mirror to engrain certain positions– watch the ceiling though!

Pick up a book. Many books have been written for golfers to help improve their mental and physical games. Take the time to read a few when the weather keeps you inside. Check out this list of suggested reading: http://www.weartowin.com/resources.php.

Get creative. Keep your mind on the game in some unconventional ways. Practice your putting at an indoor miniature golf course. Sure, most full-length courses don’t include windmills and swinging obstacles, but they can help with your strategizing and concentration. Or, fire up the Wii and go virtual reality for a different perspective…and a good deal of fun.

These ideas can help prepare you for an awesome season ahead once the snow melts and the temperatures rise. But this list is only the beginning. What ideas and tips do you have for keeping on top of the golf game even in the off-season?

Golfers’ Gift Guide


‘Tis the holiday shopping season, so we thought we’d take a moment to list some of our favorite gift ideas for the lady golfers on your Christmas lists. Our ideas range from golf-related to just plain cool, and cover every budget out there.

Wear to Win skort – We figured we’d just start off the list with one of our own and get the shameless plug out of the way. Seriously though, once you try one for yourself, you’ll understand what all the fuss is about.

Personalized golf balls – What better way to truly know if the ball one fairway over belongs to you or someone in the approaching foursome?

The book, Every Shot Must Have a Purpose by Lynn Marriot – Help your golfer improve her game during the off-season with a fantastic read. Check out some of our other favorites on our site.

iPhone – Extravagant? Maybe. But this baby can do so many things in one. Golfers love the ability to listen to their favorite tunes while preparing to hit the links. Plus downloadable apps designed just for golfers include green finders, yardage readers and scorekeepers.

One Line a Day Journal – Encourage your golfer to record thoughts and goals in a short, concise, Twitter-style manner. The unique format allows you to record five-year’s worth of entries on each day’s page. So, as you reflect on the current day, you can look over the past years’ thoughts from that same day.

Flying Wish Paper – With this unusual item, you write down a wish on the specially formulated paper, light it on fire, and watch the wish float into the sky. Wish for a few strokes off your game or just have fun with it. South Bend local’s can find this and the above-mentioned journal at Spark Fine Stationery.

Bath & Body Works bubble bath – Let’s face it; not every round of golf is as relaxing as it should be.

Hopefully these few ideas can get your shopping headed in the right direction. But, we want to know what’s at the top of your wish list this season. Do you have any ideas for hot items that we’ve forgotten, overlooked or didn’t even know existed?



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