Enjoying a Day of Golf (no matter how you’re playing)

Like everyone, I’ve had more than my share of tough rounds.  But no matter how rough it’s going, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a day of golf.

-Don’t ride, walk! You’ll enjoy overall better health from the exercise and walking helps to release stresses of the day.

-Play with someone new-  There’s nothing like making a new, good friend and no better way to bond with someone than sharing a round of 18 holes.  If that’s not your style, enjoy the round by yourself!  Everyone needs some me time, too.  Allow golf to be a tool to relax your mind.

-Compliment yourself (out loud) on a good shot-  Often we belittle ourselves after a bad shot, but rarely praise ourselves for the good shots.  Whether you hit a line-drive in the fairway or make a three foot putt, give yourself a word of encouragement or maybe a fist pump.  You deserve it.

-Look around! A day of golf is a day with nature.  Most of us spend most of our days indoors.  Take advantage of being out in the fresh air.  Take a deep breath!  No matter how you’re playing its important to enjoy the scenery and (hopefully) perfect weather.