Final Stage of Q-School

After a solid rookie start, Dolores finished in the top 90 on Duramed Futures Tour money list to gain full status for next season. She is currently in the middle of LPGA Qualifying, qualifying for the final stage  which will be held at LPGA International in the beginning of December.

Great prizes have been donated for the event, including free golf and tennis lessons, a brand new grill, gift certificates and more!

Join us to help raise funds for Dolores next season!

The Business Side of Pro Golf by Dolores White

28974_126308854056881_126307794056987_220404_5994497_nLast night was my first fundraiser for my golf expenses (traveling, entry fees, etc…). I must admit I was nervous at first. With this being the first event, we didn’t really know what kind of showing to expect.

My family and I held a wine tasting at a local wine market, the Red Door, with food and live entertainment. My mom helped me with planning and advertising. Throughout the week we made fliers explaining the event. We distributed them to different courses around my hometown in Florida and to other local businesses.

It took a while for people to show, but then it was like they all came at once. Fortunately, we had a large turnout. Some people who came have supported me over the years. Others came because they wanted to meet me and show support in my quest for the LPGA.

I was happy my swing instructor Earl Hawkins was there so everyone could meet him and get a better understanding about what we are working towards. Everyone had a good time and we raised enough money for traveling expenses for part of the summer.

Because of this I feel like I can just go out there and play my game. I am fortunate because I won’t have to stress about expenses each week.

Off to the Futures tournament in Indiana this week!

Dolores White, a recent Wake Forest University Women’s Golf Team graduate, hits the road for a summer filled with golf tournaments. But this year it will be different. She is now a professional. Dolores is keeping us posted on the ins and outs of being a young professional golfer.

Golfers are Athletes!

Golf tournaments have become super competitive. To join the winner’s circle you now have to really consider all aspects of the game. Your endurance and strength can make a difference between finishing in the top 20 or the top 5. Remember the (annual) rain delays at the Optimist International at PGA National? So often, we had to play 28+ holes in a day to make up for lost time. So how do you stay on top in a tournament like that when you are tired and dragging after 18 holes?

AJGA in Mexico

AJGA in Mexico

In addition to doing short game drills and honing the swing, fitness has become a high priority for golfers. I first saw this focus on training at the Genuity PGA Championship tournament at Doral Golf Club in Miami. As a young junior, I got to watch the professionals during the practice days before the tournament. After their rounds, the gym at the Doral was packed with players. I remember watching with interest as Vijay Singh dripped with sweat, while throwing a medicine ball with his caddie outside the pro-shop.

Top LPGA players, and those striving to make it, take their fitness training in the weight room very seriously. In a USA Today feature of the 10 toughest athletes, Annika Sorenstam was ranked #7 (she can do 15 pull ups!).  Look at the role fitness plays in elite golf. Every collegiate team I know of has a year-round strength coach. Teams are becoming stronger, gaining endurance and developing more stamina for the rounds. We golfers are athletes! To those who beg to differ, try carrying a 25+ pound bag for 18, 27 or 36 holes!

So if you are a budding golfer or an experienced one, try a focus on fitness to improve your game. We will keep you posted on our favorite golf workout routines.  Are you already a golfer athlete? What exercises have helped improve your game?